Saturday, April 16, 2016

Love Painting Everything

Love Painting Everything

I am at a stage where I am trying my hand at everything to see what I am good at and what I like.
Very tough  to make choices.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dream a little Dream of You

I am part Native American, a very small part, on my mothers side. Her natural mother was a half blood,it was called. She wasn't beautiful, and she wasn't a great woman, she ended up losing all of her children adopted out by the state. My mother and my Aunt Gladys were adopted by the Kuenzis who I knew as grandparents. I heard the storys of Indians, and what we as a country did to them as a people, and I am a soft soul. My heart broke for that part of me that was Indian too. I try to honor them, with good thoughts and blessings and I love to draw those who have caught my eye.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Someday I will paint how I feel

For now it's Flowers.  Someday I will paint how I feel. I want to be an artist who portrays a story of emotion. I want to move someone.  I tried years ago, but had little if any skill at rendering anything looking real. So now it seems I run out of time , I am a new grandmother, don't get  me wrong I am thrilled to be one, but I pay a cost , a yearning to learn skills before I am too old or sick. I have little time to do what I really want to for myself.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tomorrow is Another Day
I love Angels. I have collected many statues and such because I believe in them.
Never seen one, but I have in some moments of my life felt their presense. This was made with a Bryce 5 program I have. 
My sister lives in Mississippi, down by the gulf. I have only seen her 3 times in our adult hood. It takes 16 to 21 hours to drive. Takes a full 24 hours on a train, then to get a ride from someone in her family (if a car is running) My sister is very poor, however she is rich in the adoptive family  she has. My mother took her away when she was 9 and I was 19. My mother has been in Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women since 1982 .Murder 2, mandatory life and she sure as hell deserves it. My mother left me when I was 8, left with Vicky's father. One of many who did not work out.

I love my sister, she is the only family I have and this is a painting of everything, I collected during my last trip to Mississippi,  just one year after the hurricane , Katrina, blew the gulf away. I miss my Vicky Anne Necaise.

To Be or Not To Be

Can one learn to paint well with little or no training? When does appreciation and passion take over when skills are mediocre.  These are questions I ask myself all the time.  I really struggle with painting, what I want to paint and end up painting are very different. Time will tell. Can a novice cross that bridge into greatness? I am not sure, but I keep plugging away.